Monday, March 1, 2010

Iª Endurada Klandestina

Here we are! Last Saturday we enjoyed the first Enduro ride organised by MSC Bikes and some mates. Still more to come!
Day woke up cloudy and rain was present for some minutes, but nothing serious at all. 14 pals riding up to Begues for a massive breakfast and some of the best trails in Garraf county. Highly recommended to change daily routine and still chat within MSC Bikes company employees during the ride. Any moment is worth to develop new ideas and products.

Yesterday, I went on with my personal training for PDF Non Stop'10. This time, I rode with my father for 4h30' and 90kms aproximately. I think he will think twice before riding with me again... :-( At least, we could enjoy some nice views from St Sadurní caves, one of the most important wine regions in Spain. Vinyards could be smelled in the air...maybe a nice place to live if you are not very sensitive to alcohol...

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