Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First enduro trails...

Raining again, but I succeed in escaping from "road cycling routine" and met my pals in Gavà to ride the highest possible in Garraf mountains, and descend the fastest possible too.
The previous night rained sickly and the roads woke up covered by ice. Fortunately, Saturday woke up sunny and we could enjoy our humit trails with a delightful view from the top of Desfeta mountain (525m).
We also discovered some hidden caves from neolitic human activities 4000 years ago. Gavà is famous due to its neolitic galleries and its hundreds of meters excaved to find bariscite, a precious rock that was used to trade with nearby communities...and even with overseas regions such as Corsegue!!! I can't imagine how those people could navigate hundreds kms through the sea on their primitive seaships...just amazing...
Next Saturday we will celebrate the Ist Klandestina Enduro from MSC Bikes headquarters. It will be a sort of epic ride with 20-30 mates enjoying the most technical trails in Garraf county. I promise to take the best photos possible including the best moments.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

L'originalité catalane

I'm not very keen of interviews...maybe shiness? probably yes...
French magazine Vélo Tout Terrain has published in nº139 an interesting interview with me and my first steps into cycling sport.
Please do not complain about the "gigoló" look at the shots taken from Jérémie Reuiller in last Roc d'Azur show in Fréjus (FRA).

Talking about work...Yesterday we spent the whole evening in an extreme photo session with art genius Sebastian Romero in MSC Bikes headquarters. Photos will be used for the new MSC Bikes Parts & Accessories Catalogue, which might look awesome after the crazy ideas we shared yesterday with Sebas.
I can only say we arrived home for dinner at 22h30... great session!!! Next time we'll take some beers to spend the minutes within shots and maybe increase our imagination levels! ha!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rainy rain!

Seems this winter is the most hunit ever...at least here in Barcelona. Sometimes it is hard to put on my shoes, bibs and go for a ride. Last Sunday was maybe the coolest day ever in Gavà (0º and snowing). With almost 100% humidity, 0º and the sea close to you riding for more than 3hours at low bpm, I can surely bet my pants it is not the easiest conditions to go for a ride!!! My toes were frozen and my gloves...well...I need a new pair of winter gloves haha...

Well, Friday was quite warmer visiting former BMX Spanish Champion, Ferran Jubany "Nando", in his restaurant "Can Jubany" in Calldetenes (Barcelona-Spain). A must try restaurant when you approach Vic area, winter gastronomy specialists and a very warm atmosphere. Bon appetit!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cos Blanc in Salou (Tarragona-ESP)

I had never been in the Cos Blanc celebration in Salou before. Its a kind of carnival innauguration with tons of confetti flying around people. Once I come back home I had to clean my inner pants several times...
Besides this, I continued my training for the PDF Non Stop 2010 and I cleared a very nice 3h ride from Tarragona to Santes Creus, Valls and Constantí. Unconsciously, I was trapped into a road race in El Morell, when the two first riders advanced me and I just followed them for a couple km...always controlling my bpm!!!! The 3rd riders never reached me though haha!
Next week will be better for sure!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Enduro Indoor World Cup Finals

Yesterday I spent the whole evening enjoying the Enduro Indoor World Cup Finals in Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona) together with David Vázquez and his wife. How nice to see the huge stadium 100% crowded and combine for the first time the best Trials and the best enduro riders in the Planet. We could also meet some of the mtb downhill mates in the stadium.

Toni Bou and Ivan Cervantes took the victory. It was awesome to see the superior level of Toni Boum, who seemed to enjoy the most technical sections, where other riders seemed to suffer.

Also nice to see Dough Lampkin and Graham Jarvis on the enduro races finishing within the top 10!!!