Monday, February 15, 2010

Rainy rain!

Seems this winter is the most hunit least here in Barcelona. Sometimes it is hard to put on my shoes, bibs and go for a ride. Last Sunday was maybe the coolest day ever in Gavà (0º and snowing). With almost 100% humidity, 0º and the sea close to you riding for more than 3hours at low bpm, I can surely bet my pants it is not the easiest conditions to go for a ride!!! My toes were frozen and my gloves...well...I need a new pair of winter gloves haha...

Well, Friday was quite warmer visiting former BMX Spanish Champion, Ferran Jubany "Nando", in his restaurant "Can Jubany" in Calldetenes (Barcelona-Spain). A must try restaurant when you approach Vic area, winter gastronomy specialists and a very warm atmosphere. Bon appetit!!!

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